The Lake District

Lambs, walkers and rare birds – it must be Cumbria!

Back by popular demand, we have some more spring lambs. There’s a demoiselle crane at Mockerkin Tarn (20/03/16) and a charity walk from Workington to Keswick comes calling.

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A hectic morning in The Lake District – Lapwings

If you think nothing happens in The Lake District, think again. A typical Sunday morning, horses, cyclists and wild life. Lapwings, our first attempt at filming. We will be back with more sound and camera equipment.

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How to light a log fire – Rural Life

I just love a log fire on a cold and wintry night. Here’s how…to light a log fire.

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Cheers everyone!

Spring Lambs Alert! Springtime in Cumbria

We just find new born spring lambs the cutest things. This is part of a video blog which is all about living and working in a rural environment. By rural we mean in deepest Cumbria in a small village with only a telephone box and a mail box.

There’s lots to test you in the countryside and lots of rewards too.

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Another fab Google Tour by Scientific Arts, King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

Well this was a challenge which included not just an extensive climbing facility, but also children’s play areas and castle, cafe, shop and ice wall.

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph an ice wall. Essentially this is a refrigerated room, where climbers can come to learn how to work with ice. In fact on the day we did the shoot, the guys from Berghaus were there testing out their new gear. We had to work fast and took less than a minute to capture the wall. Here we are looking upwards towards the lights and fans. The ropes are hanging down.

I must do my ‘before’ and ‘after’, so here goes, this is what the centre looked like on an iPad before the tour. It has a poor Street View image.

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick before the Google tour on an iPad

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick before the Google tour on an iPad

Now after the tour, we have selected the entrance to the shop and centre as the Street View Image, and this is now more appropriate. The See Inside (tour) and Photos are clear and demonstrate what business is about.

King Kong Climbing Centre  Keswick AFTER our Google tour on an iPad

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick AFTER our Google tour on an iPad

And here are some of my favourite still shots from the day – these and others are newly displayed on ‘Photos’ above.

King Kong Climbing Centre  Keswick from the outside

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick from the outside


King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


Dragon at the King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

Dragon at the King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


Children's Castle at King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

Children’s Castle at King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


Ah, Cakes! at the King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

Ah, Cakes! at the King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


Coffee and Climbing at King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

Coffee and Climbing at King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick

King Kong Climbing Centre Keswick


A great place for all the family and for shopping!

Google See Inside

Continuing then from previous posts:

Here’s a typical screen shot of a Google knowledge card, which is presented (using data on your business page) to potential customers.

Cedar Gallery knowledge card

Cedar Gallery knowledge card

Google likes to present businesses that are ‘live’ and ‘active’. So the more you do on your business page the better your web presence gets.

Take Google Virtual Tours for instance (aka See Inside). These are just perfect if you want to show the world your facilities, your shop, your restaurant, the list goes on and on. It goes up on Google automatically without any need for you to have any technical knowledge or even contact your web people.

You can move from place to place, or just turn on the spot. You can zoom in and zoom out. Give it a go in the image above.

So if you have one on your Google Business Account (it appears as See Inside) then customers can go straight to your business interior. There is a significant advantage to this.

Feedback on those we ourselves have created for businesses and organisations so far is positive, with one shop owner relaying to us that she has had calls on the phone for particular items seen in the tour and thus has been selling things over the telephone. Customers have not even had to visit in person.

An alternative method to see your tour is to leap from Street View into your tour by following the arrows on Street View. In other words it means that a customer can move along Street View and the click on a business and suddenly they are transported to your business.

An alternative method to share your Google Tour is to integrate it into your Facebook page – stick with us to find out more. (We can do that for you anyway).

Alternatively it can go on your website, which we can also do for you.

A picture paints a thousand words, a virtual tour is even better in this respect.

Next more on how to get the most from your Google Business Page

Creating a Tourist Trail Map – Part 4, Printing versus mobile technology

There are some downsides to printed advertising material:

  • it’s almost throw away,
  • it can’t be updated without reprinting,
  • the quantity to be printed can be an issue (how many is too few, how many is too many?)
  • it uses resources,
  • your customers/target audience have to be sent or be in the area ‘by chance’ to pick up your materials (hence the need to distribute).

The upsides to printed advertising material include:

  • In many circumstances it’s a reliable and practicable method of getting your points across,
  • It’s nice for people to hold in their hands,
  • It’s portable and readily accessible.

So it’s definitely a very useful tool amongst many others for advertising.

Interactive Cockermouth Tourist Trail

Interactive Cockermouth Tourist trail

More and more people are likely to be holding mobile phones or tablets in their hands – wherever they happen to be. So can you take advantage of that?

Yes. We took the bold decision to put our map on the web and make it interactive – with pop out information and web site links.

Digital technology counterbalances the disadvantages of the print version. And indeed people can plan their visit before they even come to your area and they don’t have to pick up a map. They may even be encouraged to visit, when they would not have done so before.

You will need someone to host the map on the internet of course, and someone to code it up for you. It really is the way to go and we’ve had great feedback on ours.

QR code for the Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map

QR code for the Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map

And finally we also put a QR code on the printed leaflet, so anyone can access the interactive version too on their mobile or tablet.

Happy planning, happy designing and happy trailing!

Creating a Tourist Trail Map – Part 3, The design and visual persuasion

Your graphic design should use visual persuasion to attract the passer-by to your leaflet in the stand and again to attract them to look at it when they finally pick it up off the stand. You need to know what colours and fonts to use for which purpose, and what design to use to match to the people that you want to attract.

When designing your leaflet try to use a variety of visual and psychological devices. For our leaflet we wanted to get away from all the cliched traditional pictures of landscapes and items for sale – we wanted to associate the outdoors with the main subject of the leaflet, to add enthusiasm and fun, and to stand out from the crowd.

Yellow is a bright and happy colour, and any use of red tends to be eye-catching. So in order to be different and eye-catching we used a female walker in a red jacket on our cover which is predominantly yellow. And it’s already having an impact!

Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map in the advertising stand

Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map in the advertising stand

We took inspiration from the drawings in a book we found in a second hand shop, called ‘Songs of Near and Far Away’ illustrated and written by E Richardson, and printed in 1900. We used the graphical style but interpreted it in a contemporary way. The style is consistent with the period of the architecture. Here we tried not to over design or over finesse the art work. It’s horses for courses.

From 'Songs of Near and Far Away' E Richardson

From ‘Songs of Near and Far Away’ E Richardson

Once you have got it altogether for the printers – proof read, proof read and proof read again!

Next up – printing versus modern technology – the future of your advertising.

Creating a Tourist Trail Map – Part 2, How to get started

Your first question will most likely be ‘Do it all yourself?’ or ‘Do you get someone in to do some or all of it?’.

If you do most of the donkey work, i.e. speaking to the sponsors of your map to get their buy in, collecting their money and proof reading the final version then this will help keep the costs down. However always try to find someone with a track record in this sort of thing to help you out – at least with the graphic art, design, colouring, type setting and marketing style.

Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map Scientific Arts Limited Sciarts

Cockermouth Tourist Trail Map

You also need to make sure you have enough money from your sponsors to cover the costs of professional printing, your graphic design and the distribution – if you are having it distributed. Take care, since in the UK, distribution costs attract VAT.

Some sponsors may pay for featured adverts and others will be happy with a ‘gazetteer’ entry.

You will need to decide on the type of distribution route – it’s a bit like a bus route. Ask your distributer about this. We used A-Ha as our distributer and they were very helpful.

In terms of printing you need to be careful about allowances for folding, colours and any trim and bleed issues of the colour. We used H&H Reeds for our printing, who were also very helpful. We were there for the final colour selection and the printing.

At this stage it is all about the planning and you may be surprised at how much time this eats up. Be prepared!

Next Up – The art work – Visual Persuasion

Creating a Tourist Trail Map – Part 1, Introduction

If you are a business owner or an individual and you want a tourist trail map for your town or area, what do you need to do? How do you ensure it will be a success and drive people to your area?

To whet your appetite here is a short (10 second) animation of the final print version of a tourist trail that we ourselves put together.

Just how do you overcome the challenges of getting a large group of people together to sponsor the project, how do you get the right graphics, how do you manage the costs? We will tackle all these in our short series of blogs.

Stay tuned.