People in the Film

We would like to thank everyone for taking part particularly the people of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. The following people made the film what it is and opened their doors to us.

Sophie Chaplin, Sophies Wild Woollens

Debbie Lucas, Debbie Lucas Felt Artist

Andrea Hunter, Focus on Felt

Jan Beadle, Jan Beadle Textiles

Cecilia Hewitt, Woolclip

Woolfest, Woolfest

Polly Shacklady, Polly Purl

Victoria Magnus, Eden Cottage Yarns

John Barraclough, WOCC

Mayson Weir, Dowthwaite Head Farm

Paul Cunningham, Jorgus

Mark Wood, Woollen Spinners (Huddersfield)

Keith Walker, Linton Tweeds, Linton Direct

Sue Hotchin, Truly Twisted

Dani-Elle', Dani-Elle' Aura Valouge

Lucinda Hayton, Lucinda Hayton

Pearl Legay-Clarke, Pearl Bespoke Dressmakers

And finally, we appear in this film in the photoshoot, we close again by extending our thanks to all,

Lucy and Roy Hughes, Scientific Arts Ltd.



We were very reliant upon our own time and the help of others in the production of this film. People have been incredibly helpful throughout and we would like to thank all those in wool, fashion, textiles and crafts in general for their generosity. In particular Linton Tweeds for time and resources, Pearl Legay-Clarke for her design and manufacture, Sophies Wild Woollens for her teams design and manufacture and Chanel for on-line resources.


A special mention goes to the historian Denis Perriam for his work and help on Woollen mills of Cumbria and also June Hall for a general chat and her coproduced leaflet Woollen Ways. We are also grateful to Cumbria County Council for use of their libraries and archives. The local media are an invaluable source of information and in particular The Westmorland Gazette and The Cumberland News, along with general background information from Cumbria Life. A celebration of wool and trade takes place in Kendal, the Kendal Wool Gathering. And of course there is Woolfest attracting thousands of visitors. The museum in Dentdale will tell you about the famous knitters of Dent.


The video, photography and scripting has been produced, edited and created by us with some fine exceptions. With great thanks for additional material to;

Sue Hotchin of Truly Twisted for some wooly pictures.

The New Zealand Government/Scott base for 3D graphics source files.

David Saul for his photo of Scott base.

Albatross2147 for his photo of Campbell Island.

Aerial Surveys New Zealand for the photo of Raoul Island.

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