• Optical Microscopy Optical Microscopy

    Top: Close up on materials. This is a well made shirt shown in two different magnifications. Bottom left: close up on wood. Bottom right: close up on cell foam.

    A different view

    There are some fun things you can introduce to photography for your marketing. So one can provide a close up view of materials and use this in promotional materials.

    For example to the right you can see two close ups of fabrics and you can highlight the quality of your garment in promotional materials. These tools we have available to us.

    Classic close-up on a coin.

  • Electron Microscopy Electron Microscopy

    An even more different view

    Over recent years direct observation of surfaces down to very small length scales has progressed out of all recognition. This enables us to build images below that which can be observed by using light. Lights ability to "resolve" objects is limited to a large degree by its wavelength; this is in the region of say 0.5micron or half a millionth of a metre. There are tricks we may play but by and large this is the limit of what we can see with light microscopy.

    But there are small entities such as electrons which are able to be used to produce images either by "reflecting" subsequent radiation off an object (Scanning electron microscopy) or being transmitted through it (Transmission Electron Microscopy). It is now routine to produce high resolution images.

    Whilst we do not have the facilities ourselves we can arrange them for you as part of information you might want for marketing your product. We have experience of using and analysing these kind of images which can give them high impact.

    They can used to great effect in adverts to provide a "science" feel to your marketing strategy, a technique frequently used in personal care.