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    This image is completely constructed. The photo of the bra was a real image from a model. However it has been changed to give a soft focus erotic feel.

    This is a simple example of taking a product and visualizing it in use. In this case it's an example of packaging for the customer.

    This example gives you a feel of what can be achieved with photography. It can help you see how good photography can be used in a striking way.

    This technique is often done by graphic design companies but it is a simple but often ignored jump to do this with photography as we have done here for you and can do on your product.

  • Simple or complex Simple or complex

    Changing the look of an image

    The Original Dreamstime stock photo image no. 13590147.
    You can freely view this image at Dreamstime.

    Image on the far left before, image on the right after.

    We can adjust images to change the look of an object or a person. By way of demonstration we have used a Dreamstime stock photo. I have seen a number of images that I feel have been reversed engineered so to enable you to check I used a source-able image that we have adjusted. I enjoy transforming images and I am always happy to take on difficult restoration tasks. I can't do the impossible and I try where ever possible to stay true to the image but bring out the best in it. I prefer subtle changes to gross unrealistic images.
    For fashion photography clearly we are more flexible.