• Consumer Products Consumer Products

    Washing up bottles

    Here is an example of two detergent bottles. The pair of images shows you the difference in working with an image cutout from its background and against a graduated background. The pair form a single cutout. The cutout is blue over blue which provides us with a break from the white or gradient based backgrounds (far right).

    They are shown overlapping with the colours of one appearing through the outline of the other. Photoshop was used for adjusting colour, exposure and masking. Very little retouching was done in this case. The challenge with unusual shaped bottles is unexpected reflections such as those that can occur on the shoulder of each bottle.
  • Super Furry Animals! Super Furry Animals!

    Very difficult cutout

    These are very difficult to cut out but it can be done with patience and careful lighting.

    A cutout against a dramatic background can be very effective.
  • Close-up Close-up

    Presentation layout

    Greater than life size gives a startling grasp of the workmanship to the buyer. Including the packaging works particularly well when there is some colour harmony or alternatively a clash between the package and the goods.

  • Matte & Lighting Matte & Lighting

    Photoshop terminology

    A matte refers to the space around an image. You can use it to blend images together. Photoshop uses the term matte for when you want to add an image such as the cat in the diagram over a different background.

    Suppose you cut the image out. At the edges of the image, particularly with a soft fluffy edge or where you might have hair you get some colour contamination from the surroundings. There are two complimentary approaches to reducing this.

    1. Light the cat so it is isolated from the background. Try to light or have a colour of background that matches what you would like the cat to be placed against.

    This is where it is good to have your photographer and designer in harmony.

    2. In photoshop you are able to select a coloured matte close to a background colour. This ensures the pixels at the edge of your image blend in. This cats colour and form was particularly challenging.