360 Photography & Video
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The idea of examining your product in 360 degrees works well for some catalogue images. It tends to work less well when using live models although such things are done. 360 degree photography has been very fashionable although it can become a little over used. But it is a very popular tool & is certainly reported to help sales of some goods.

We can supply 360 degree photographs as required. Right is an EXAMPLE. Due to the bandwidth we have reduced the number of images required for you to see this 360 to 12 pictures. This could run more smoothly depending upon your website and your server. The 360 display is ipad and iphone compatible as it is not Flash based. We can offer a Flash version.

We do not produce 360 degree catalogue images in large numbers as these need to look identical. This is better achieved with semi-automated image production. We will recommend a specialist in this for you.

We can also produce the more complex effects at lower resolution using video.

Click your mouse and hold, then drag to the left or right. This is a low bandwidth loading viewer and so loads an image at a time. Different options can be supplied depending upon your needs.