• Packshot cutout Packshot cutout

    Black Logo

    This particular packshot was very challenging. Although apparently simple in execution the effort required to illuminate both sides of the Victor and Rolf logo was considerable. This is flat lit for web and catalogues. The choice of a white stripe of light down the cap rather than a black reflection was a deliberate one since I feel the logo brings too much black to the image already. This is a personal choice and can be altered to be 'standard'.

  • Packshot Lighting Packshot Lighting

    Specular light and reflection

    In this variation on the initial packshot theme each item has been processed separately. The reflection beneath the bottle is natural rather than created in photoshop. Both forms have something to say for them. The one on the right is truer, the one on the left more exciting. Either form can be played with to give different reflectivity Sometimes you see an exposure gradient across labels to add impact. This is shown on the right.
    The letters can be enhanced to be clearer for either web or print use. Lower resolution images are used here to speed up loading.
    Compare the bottle in this and the previous slide to get an idea of the difference between flat and specular lighting.
  • Shadow and Packshots Shadow and Packshots

    Giving the package dept

    You can use light and shadow to give a package depth.
    You will note there is graduated lighting from behind the pack to give a feeling of volume and quality. The package approaches you here saying "pick me up".
    Again the logo is carefully lit and all is shot on a reflective background.
  • Simple lighting ideas Simple lighting ideas

    Softbox x Spot

    Creating hard shadows and soft shadows depends upon the size of your light source and how distant your object is from it.
    In the slides shown in this section typically three lights were used. Two lights were highly softened so that there is only a little shadow. Highlights were created by using a reflector. This is simply something that looks like a dish with reflective sides. This creates a much "harder" light. It can be narrowed more easily to be a tight band of light. And this was used to pick out the black logo.
    In the diagram opposite I have illustrated two strobes or flash heads being used. In actuality I used a mixture of continuous and strobe lighting. Where the bottle looks quite two dimensional the light is almost straight on. It is diffuse and the shadow almost invisible. There is no right way of achieving this, it is my preference to do it this way. Any slight colour hue one can get from mixing lights I correct in the raw file.