Interactive Video
Interactive web content
We are experts in delivering full interactive media on the web and combining this with video. An example of this is shown here. The core of the content is based on a feature length documentary called “Connections: Sheep to Chanel”. This was a year in the making and targets the development of networks in the rural areas surrounding big cities. The interactive version of this documentary sectionalises the film and gives more details about the way people in those networks work, their activities and in addition how this connects to the historic expertise of the rural economy. The interactive site is using a package called Klynt our favoured delivery platform. The approach can be extended to:

  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Skills based learning
  • Interactive films

We can apply these tools to your needs balancing graphics, film content, images and text to produce an integrated whole that behaves as a website but can be delivered on any platform from Smart TV to mobile phones.
There is a dedicated website for our interactive film.