• Trends in Advertising Trends in Advertising

    The Growth of Analytical Data
    Solving the attribution problem, that is knowing what each aspect of a campaign achieves, was once the stuff of dreams. But is that still the case for on-line campaigns? Data for on-line activity can be correlated to a user profile & tied with their buying habits. Does this tell you all you need to know? NO. In order to run a low risk campaign it's best not to be wise after the event. You need to style the campaign narrative & the media such that it is directly persuasive to each individual. You don't need to ask what is a neat idea, nor what is prettiest, you need to know what aspects are most persuasive to that individual. This maximises the cost-benefit. We understand this. Psychologically tailored persuasive content is our speciality.

    So You Know What Digital Means
    Or do you? It's engaging content isn't it? If I persuade someone to spend 20 minutes on my clients site playing a game that will be a good thing? It'll create a buzz and people will flock to the site. That's a good thing surely? 'Digital' is partly about interactivity.'Digital' is also about integration, 'Digital' is also about reaching and speaking to a fracturing market. Its about social media & reducing returns on TV advertising. Its about targetting an individual or group much more precisely. We understand this. We can provide modular content to support individual targetting.

    The Device Challenge
    As you read to the end of this sentence, what you thought you knew is already out of date. When it comes to platforms for media delivery these are in constant flux, both in terms of the hardware and the software. Apps barely get past the beta stage before being surpassed by another. Banners are the next big thing, and yet they already gone, the customer unconsciously dismissing elongated formats as adverts not worthy of attention. With ever increasing use of mobile platforms for retail purchases and viewing video media how do we optimise our format for the platform. Does video still need to be 16:9? What detail do you need and for which age group? We understand this. We can provide content tailored to these platforms.

    All advertising should be ethical. If your project fails this test then leave this site now please. Ethical products, services and sourcing are increasingly important. Kids are already searching out the origin of products and share with each other their deficiencies and features. A few bad reviews for quality or dubious sourcing is more powerful than any ad campaign. The best advert for any product is to improve its ethical credentials. Do that before spending a fortune on advertising then come to us. Ethical products are important. We understand this. We can provide content sensitive to ethical values.

  • Advertising Collateral Advertising Collateral

    We are a smart provider, we provide psychologically tuned content which is persuasive and we can design this ourselves or in collaboration with your creative/marketing team. We provide;


    To produce visually persuasive imagery and video content for advertising and marketing.

    "The 21st Century will be the era when the softer sciences will dominate all our thinking and planning."

    We can assert that advertising has become increasingly targeted and significantly better engineered during the 20th century. Psychology and demographics are commonly used in designing campaigns. And psycho-demographics has (arguably) been shown to be useful in targeting audiences. For large corporations campaigns are devised by marketeers, and these result in advertising content generated by copy writers, graphic artists, photographers and videographers implemented by creative directors. It is output through a variety of traditional and social media by the appropriate experts in each.

    Digital media has streamlined and will continue to streamline this process, democratizing it for large and small businesses alike. And there is also a need to be swifter, flexible and more responsive. Therefore there is a need to fast track the link between the advertising content, the collateral (i.e. copy, video, photography & graphics) and the overall marketing/advertising campaign. This is the future for commercial content providers, we are one of these new class of providers that can connect advertising collateral to the concept.

  • The Team The Team


    Creative Expertise
    B2B marketing in science & technology. Product & fashion advertising. Consultancy.

    Photography: political portraits; events; products; fashion; advertising; antiques; rare document copying & ballooning events. Digital image manipulation and darkroom printing.

    Technical marketing: Infographic; data representation; mathematical modeling, interpretation; presentation preparation & graphical abstracts. Fund raising, researcher, educator, key note speaker, presenter, author of 2 books and numerous papers. Designer of experimental psychology studies, psychorheology & the psychology of lingerie ownership.

    Qualifications and Research
    Degrees from Goldsmiths', University of London and University of Bristol (Physics and Chemistry, Surface Sciences, Masters and a PhD). Academic lead for research group @ UoB in: physical sciences; green technologies; biotechnology; photographic emulsions; coatings; imaging in print, coloured display devices (patents helds), perception of touch & experimental psychology.


    Creative Expertise
    Film editor, videographer, documentary film maker, promotional film work (esp. ballooning). Writing, technical authorship, voiceovers and shoot management and organisation.

    Business skills
    Project management, contract law, large budget finance, managing heavy engineering. Large team management & cultural divides, procurement, troubleshooting, strategic programme design & change management. IT overview and management.

    Training skills
    Lectured and taught at Warwick in project management, company wide implementation of training and skill implementation and expertise in elearning analysis.

    Qualifications and Research
    Degrees from the University of Bristol (BSc, MSc & PhD) in materials and surface science. Computing, instrument design & building. Qualified as Project Management Professional.