How much material do you need for a kilt?

According to Anderson Kilts of Dumfries, it’s at least 8 whole yards, and that’s a lot when you come to think about it. It’s a very specialist and highly skilled endeavour.

In order to entertain, I’ve had a look for any good quotes by Robert Burns, and have drawn a blank. This is seriously lacking (perhaps someone out there can throw me some good quotes about kilts).

You can have your own family tartan and we saw suitcases with peoples own personally kilted regalia all neatly cared for and ready to go for their next social event. And since this does not come cheap, you must remember to keep the moths at bay!

And for those of you still wondering, I will leave the last word to Spike Milligan ‘Is there anything worn under the kilt? No, it’s all in perfect working order.’

Anderson Kilts Dumfries

Anderson Kilts Dumfries


Anderson Kilts Dumfries

Anderson Kilts Dumfries

It’s anything but glamorous!

One of the things about doing a shoot in a hair or beauty salon such as Nelson Browns, is the problem with all the multiple reflections in the mirrors. The other day we performed a minor miracle to get all the shots for the Google Virtual Tour without the camera or ourselves getting in the picture. Mind you, it meant hiding in the toilet for most of the shoot for one of us! It was worth it though.

Click on the arrow on the floor, and then drag and zoom in and out of the image below.

We were with Nelson Brown at his salon, this time in Lockerbie. Nelson specialises in education and has a fantastic team behind him. Nelson also assists backstage on hair for the cat walks at London, New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks, including John Rocha, Burberry, Jasper Conran, Paul Smith… and you can see why. Now this IS glamorous!

Amazing hair by Nelson Brown.

Nelson Brown - fab hair

Nelson Brown – fab hair


How not to impress at a beauty shoot…

Unlike Nelson’s style beneath, I’ve been perfecting the ‘through a hedge backwards look’ recently that only I can be proud of. Yes the day we came to do our shoot at Browns, we arrived in a rain storm. We were so wet through, Nelson Brown offered us towels to dry off!

And of course Browns just happens to be a hair salon! It was very embarrassing for us to turn up like that to say the least!

And it wasn’t just any hair salon. It’s not often that you come across such exciting talent.

Nelson Brown fabulous hair design

Nelson Brown fabulous hair design


Nelson has just been awarded 5 stars in the Good Salon Guide, and we came to do his Google Virtual Tours for his salons. Here’s our tour of the Dumfries salon.



If you want to see more of Nelson’s style tune in to our next blog…


Smart jewellery, wearable tech and Henry Holland

When is wearable tech really cool?

The answer; when it’s a Henry Holland fashion statement.

It all started with a teaser from Henry Holland of House of Holland ‘to create a consumer experience as part of a catwalk presentation showcase’. See Henry Hollands YouTube teaser

When you take your debit card and just wave it at a screen in order to purchase something, you are already doing something pretty smart.

But imagine if you could make a purchase simply with the wave of your hand using a pendant, a ring, a bracelet or just a cuff on your jacket then you can immediately satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers desires.

See now, buy now. Contactless payments.

It’s called NFC or near field communication. In simple terms you bring your special piece of jewellery towards what you want to purchase and hey presto you’ve bought it. London fashion week SS16 was buzzing with wearable purchasing technology in various forms.

It was demonstrated most beautifully by Henry Holland using wearable tech rings that allowed a purchase, in this case, by Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe, of items being worn by models on the catwalk.

We’ve been involved with a photographic project with the company that made the special designer rings for the catwalk show…..more on that later. The jewellery for the catwalk was colourful and oversized in order to be seen. Henry Holland calls his wearable designs ‘connected jewellery’.

Originally devised as a project by Visa Europe Collab, this was to test the feasibility for consumers and it went down a storm.

You won’t be able to buy the miniaturised version in the shops just yet, but you can be sure it’s on its way.


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