Artist Statements


Lucy loves art in all its forms and appreciates creativity in its many guises. She loves to play music, has sung on more than one occasion at the Llangollen Eisteddfod, designed an international award winning game, created video content for TV broadcast and sewn an entire wedding ensemble for the bride and bridesmaids whilst writing a dissertation. She loves engineering, technology and giant machines and maintains there can be art in all these wonders. She likes the blurring of lines between art and craft, between representation and abstraction. She's inspired by other artists like Rothko and Pollock, Chagall and Picasso. She likes the integrity of working with her hands to create an object. Through this approach she's currently combining painting with 3D forms particularly through the use of beads. She always creates with a purpose but she also wants her audience and customers to look into what she creates and relate to them and to interpret them through their experience.


He is an artist who loves life and believes in living it well. His enthusiasm comes across in his art. Witty and thought provoking, and never to be taken at face value, his work shows he's not afraid to combine an edgy beauty with concepts from art, design, and psychology. This surfaces in both his tightly worked line art and free hand sketches. They can be stark, tinted or daubed wildly with colour. He likes ink and is often covered in it. His work is mostly decorative which makes it hang-able but it is also the new radical. It's covert symbolist in nature, the meaning within each piece is not revealed until you linger over it. He wants you to place yourself in the picture and imagine what happens next. He combines this with his work as a commercial photographer for businesses and he's always happy in a studio with a set of lights. His eye for high key composition and unexpected viewpoints filters through to his drawn work. Roy's done some stuff and still does, has authored a couple of academic textbooks, published widely, consulted in science and technology. He gets easily bored doing any one thing.

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To paraphrase Grayson Perry, why can't I be funny & be taken seriously?