• Experience 1:<br>Balloons, up up and away! Experience 1:
    Balloons, up up and away!
    We have flown extensively with ballooning companies. We have a very gentle tone and try and convey the experience of the event to everyone who watches it. It is also important to convey the excitement and give the viewer the feeling it is something special.

  • Promotional 1: Live Events <br> Kwabana Lindsay Promotional 1: Live Events
    Kwabana Lindsay
    Kwabana walks the slack line, plays the fiddle, juggles and entertains. He is great fun live and makes it all look so easy whilst pretending it is hard! Stripping down to his frilly knickers whilst on the slack line was a great laugh. Filming was awkward and you will note that we use several camera angles and two merged sound tracks. All worth the effort.

  • Editorial 1:<br>English Channel Crossing Editorial 1:
    English Channel Crossing
    We were approached by a ballooning company to record the experience of flying across the English Channel in a world record attempt. This was a different approach as we actively took part in the attempt and simultaneously recorded the experience of the day. It produced a very successful document of the day and the customer loved it.

  • Editorial 2:<br>Live events - Avital Editorial 2:
    Live events - Avital
    This trapeze act is incredibly skilled, with slow deliberate well controlled movements mixed with a flurry of activity. The trick video wise is to anticipate the moves by watching the act carefully and use some prior knowledge of the art to aid the framing of the movement.

  • Music 1: Live events <br>Clumsy Music 1: Live events
    They are a very lively band to watch and listen to. The audience which were set back from the stage were bopping and it was very difficult to get both crowd shots and band shots. So in this case we concentrated on what was a great performance of a technically accomplished and entertaining group.

  • Music 2: Street <br>Mr Woodnote and Lil Rhys Music 2: Street
    Mr Woodnote and Lil Rhys
    These two performers are different in style but when they perform together the chemistry works really well. They are great to listen to live and it is almost better in a small venue than with a large audience although we have recorded both. This video has an incongruous moment we love at the end as a chap in a mobility scooter passes in front of the crowd.

  • Gas Balloon Race -<br>Fly on the Wall Style Gas Balloon Race -
    Fly on the Wall Style
    Our longest programme to date was to film, edit & produce a fly on the wall documentary of the 2010 Gordon Bennett gas balloon race. We had unique access to one of the GB teams. We worked alongside ITV & BBC news, we also shared footage. We followed the race from the planning to the post race return to the UK. This is a unique document of its type.