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    A falling water thread caught in mid-drop formation photographed as it exits from a nozzle. Photographed against blue, colour corrected, sharpened and cut out, phew!

    Technical marketing

    It is incredibly expensive to use highly skilled personnel for generating marketing material in your business. This situation is far worse if using skilled engineers & scientists to fulfill this role. Not only are you potentially taking them away from support, development & research activities but in addition you're asking them to develop a skill set that is not necessarily one they possess or have time to properly develop.

    The consequence of this is at best you have expensive, but unimaginatively presented materials, and at worse you have shoddy material produced for your customers. Normally in the latter case you spend a great deal of time and money re-working the content to make it more exciting. This can also have the unfortunate consequence of inadvertent misrepresentations of the utility of the data, system or device presented in your marketing material. This in-turn leads to unhappy customers and less than effective sales.

    We can provide support for technical marketing, both in terms of video's, GIFs, diagrams, graphical abstracts, product spec sheets and more...

  • Visual Persuasion 4 B2B Visual Persuasion 4 B2B

    What is it? Visual persuasion is the skill of using static or moving imagery to promote an idea (technical content) &/or feeling usually through a story, a narrative.

    Why does it matter? Whether you are a small or large business, its no longer enough to generate visual content that's pretty or shocking or novel, the output is so easily lost in the noise. The new challenge is knowing your demographic and where the colateral is placed so you pick the right idea, the right psychology for the right market. In short it is coordination with your market which is critical in getting the required master narrative right.

    Why use us? Where the Scientific Arts concept is special is that we intelligently integrate these concepts into a 'single vision' from the start of the process, and we do this for the image, the copy, the video and music. We are not just an add on creative supplier. We can do this independently or contribute directly to your creative team. We are a smart content supplier.

    Why does this matter? It means we are more effective, produce simple compelling material, save you money and reduce the turn around time. We get it.

    We approach our content generation using creativity & psychologically compelling methodologies such as:
    Visual Rhetoric, Visual Narratives, Semiotics
    Arrangement and Emphasis; Image Composition.
    Use of Clarity, Conciseness and Ethos.
    Trope based content development,
    Scale, Geometry, Trompe l'oeil
    Isolation, Sexual Differentiation & Attraction.

    Empathic influences such as;
    Familiarity, Affinity, Comfort,
    Principles, Inertia & Negativity
    Fulfillment, Transference/Aspiration

    Applying psychology to advertising content is both practical & an area of debate and research. We apply concepts related both to the emotive effect and to it's technical performance. Of course all modern advertising tends to use both logical and emotive appeal. In B2B we might like to think logic wins out over emotion, but this is not always the case. We can aid the technical merits of a product or service using the previously highlighted methods and:
    Influenced Estimation,
    Reaction and Reflection
    Individualism and Herd Instinct

  • Example: Application notes Example: Application notes

    Content Generation for Technical Marketing

    We can check/question the accuracy of your representation in a wide range of areas because of our extensive consultancy experience. In this case we were developing an application note. The document is partially obscured & modified for reasons of confidentiality. For this work there was no imagery available. The image of the tube of cream was created using photoshop and a photograph taken in our studio. The application note was formatted and the molecular picture was generated to provide a schematic of the interactions.

  • Scientific help Scientific help

    Expertise Areas

    Displays and Display technologies
    Oil field drilling
    Silica, Titanium Dioxide, PMMA Polystyrene, Clays
    Super paramagnetic particles
    Quantum confinement
    Drug delivery
    Storage Stability
    Personal care formulations
    Metal treatments
    Ceramics and Casting

    Application Expertise
    Areas where we can apply additional expertise in developing marketing collateral:

    Aerospace manufacture
    Drilling (particular Muds and treatment fluids)
    Construction (Cements and Sand)
    Display technologies
    Printing Inks
    Lubricant additives
    Personal care & cosmetics
    Heavy Engineering
    Household products
    Rheology and dispersion issues
    Shelf life
    Novel technologies (Nano, bio, ...)
    Instrument testing, design and building.
    Aggregation - agglomeration

    Porosity and adsorption
    Zeta potential & charge
    Particle synthesis
    Nucleation and growth
    Formulation design
    Dielectric spectroscopy, electrophoresis
    Wetting agents
    Self Association