• Bosch Cutter cut out Bosch Cutter cut out

    The cutter cut out as I like to think of this object. The photographic presentation of the item is everything in this image. There are no frills so a perfect rendition was required. This is all about precision, if you like our speciality.

    The idea I adopted was to show the curved lines of the tool using lighting with no other "tricks". There is a little reflected light from behind to pick out the form without being too aggressive. The objective, which I think is achieved here, is to provide a big impact for a small item.

    This was a print format item for use near point of sale displays.
  • Gabor - over boxed legs Gabor - over boxed legs

    Another in the Gabor series with a surreal element. This is a strong well known brand that makes a good product which is competitively priced for the quality of the goods made.

    The approach here is to use enlarged shoe boxes. The size change is such that the image appears normal at first sight, but perhaps just a little unsettling. So the image tends to make you check back and examine it again. It is a fairly simple visual trick which could be emphasized. But this works well when enlarged for use.

    The branding is further emphasized by the grey backed logo working well with the shoe box colour and highlighting the boxes again. Again was tuned for printing, whereas here we see the web version of the colour.

    All the photography and the graphic design was generated by us.
  • The original Green Pan The original Green Pan     Here the image, the product and the company are in harmony. I just love this image but I am a believer in the product which helps.

    It is an obvious approach to adopt the Green credentials of the coatings used in pan production. Nonetheless the obvious can work well with the right item. In this case part of the challenge is to initiate an interesting dialogue with the observer. The purchaser is likely to be sensitive to environmental issues and so this is a dialogue the observer is very willing to engage in: Thus making it easy to design an effective image if technically tricky to produce.

    The tree and the pans in the tree are real not photoshoped which I also feel is in keeping with company and their goods. Try to keep it realistic, something which is genuine and real. I must admit the tree I picked was not too far from a thoroughfare and I got some funny looks! The photo was formed from several merged images just to get the right balance in the tree, and that old sun had me at its beck and call too.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.