• Alternate views Alternate views

    The compass watch launched by Wenger originally had a soft outdoors strap. It was then launched with a metal strap. The watch design was very strong. The objective here is to exploit the quality of the form of this item and to recognise the potential of the watch as a stylish product. That is to recognise it is appropriate for more than just outdoors use, it looks good too. So this photo is aimed at a marketing strategy away from the mainstream for the product.

    Here we see two images. One is an upmarket catalogue image. The second image showing a mock up of what graphic design can be used to provide, it adds more oomph to the presentation. Both worked well.

    All the photography and the graphic design was generated by us.
  • Calvin Klein Calvin Klein

    This presentation of beauty is a self explanatory editorial or advertorial like item.

    The format works well with a number of disparate pieces all united in the adoration of form, line and beauty.

    This presentation was very different to the normal presentation for this perfume. The primary aim was to attract the fringes of the target market. With retro items making a strong showing in fashion and interior design, this presentation plays on all these factors.

    This also plays on the timeless quality of beauty.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.
  • Calvin Klein: Beauty Calvin Klein: Beauty

    The simplicity of this product shot is slightly deceptive. When viewed in relationship to the last image it can be seen as a counter point to it. So this is a very modern light version of the product.

    The counterpoint is really aimed a little more towards the younger age group. It is intended to be light and fresh. Both the advertorial (previous page) and the simple image (right) can appear in the same publication if required and if suitably spaced within the publication.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.