• Kipling Outlet Kipling Outlet

    Kipling bags have a very strong collectors base. There is an almost underground like following for the brand. Purchasers are known to exchange comments and compare monkeys with strangers in the street who own the same brand.

    Surprisingly there are only a few specialist stockists of the full Kipling handbag range. Customers have been known to travel several hundred miles to both compare handbags and colours, and then purchase. This advert is tuned to fit with this clientele.

    In this traditional print based advert we are appealing to the nature of the use of the handbags, they are almost hanging from the page. Emphasizing both the logo, the company name and the monkey is entirely intentional. This particular retailer has a strong following and the brand loyalty is designed such that this advert is both showing the latest shape and the specialist nature of the store. This should help to attract new customers and remind others of the latest releases.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.
  • Diamonds Diamonds

    One could generalize that jewelry presentation comes in three forms, either in combination or isolation: lifestyle context, quality/design and brand prominence. You can argue about the details of this or your own version of this classification.

    Jewelry can be tricky to photograph. As image consumers we have got used to the idea that fine jewelry tends to have its own language with hand painted and unrealistic reflections used for finishing items. As image consumers we rarely notice this difference between reality and actuality. However it is possible to photograph in a glamorous way and minimise retouching although it is a game of patience.

    Diamonds are difficult to photograph. This is where so much can depend on the quality of the stone. The platinum and diamond ring here was about 0.8ct.

    Here the ring and keep ring were photographed and slightly finished for different purposes. Retouching is minimized to preserve accuracy. Even the angle of the ring was controlled using nylon fishing line rather than retouching it.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.
  • Gabor: legless? Gabor: legless?

    The Gabor image for shoes was one of an odd series of images ranging from the quirky to the glamorous.

    This is mainstream advertising photography deviating into the surreal. This is not uncommon in the world of fashion. Here we are still maintaining a product focus. It was one of a number of final images (all of which are presented on this site). The main product, the shoes, are almost incidental to the overall image in this advertising collateral.

    These types of images are exciting and I of course acknowledge the influence of Guy Bourdin. And also a more off the wall influence, George Dunning the director of Yellow Submarine, the Beatles animation.

    All photography and advertising material was generated by us.