• Circus - Different and fun Circus - Different and fun

    The unique and the different

    Event photography comes in many forms and with many definitions. We have worked on corporate training videos, music events, festivals, cycling, ballooning, kite events, celebrations, anywhere where there is life, fun and laughter. We much prefer the challenge of live photography rather than staged against a white background, although we can do this too! The live pictures are not as perfect but have life.

  • Open Air Music 1 - Festivals Open Air Music 1 - Festivals

    En Plein Air

    We love outdoor events, music festivals, social and cultural events. Particularly small bands making their way to the top. Again working this way we loose the rigour and control of the studio, but somehow they seem more real, less cold than the standard shoots one might do for a band.

  • Open Air Music 2 - Festivals Open Air Music 2 - Festivals

    En Plein Air

  • Outdoors - Anything Outdoors - Anything

    Outdoor events

    Almost anything can constitute an event worth recording, whether it is following the deer rut or a bird experience.

  • Openings - The unusual Openings - The unusual Objects can convey a feeling of an event & when combined they can provide excitement. Here we see a hint of the studio rigour creeping back into the event images. Whilst stock photography can fullfil some of these needs the audience is wising up to their over use. Nothing beats images generated on the day. The Gucci logo photographed at a store opening in available light, is as interesting as any studio shot, matching in tone the shots from the event.