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    Project Example- Juli Morsella Design Studio

    Designing and executing the programme We can deliver more than just photography. We were presented with a challenge. A business on the other side of the world was developing a new market. Although successful and creative in their own speciality they wanted to develop into architectural fittings. Although they had displays in showrooms & events they wanted more impact. The answer was to prepare and present a professional data pack giving timelines, costings and deliverables and display the potential of their pieces in situ to architects. This was achieved using their fittings in combination with stock photos to create both an artist impression and photo imagery of their work. A simple but cost effective solution.

    How was this was achieved? One of the key things to achieve is to represent the designers work in an appropriate environment. This work was undertaken for Juli Morsella a marquetry designer and artist based in Hawaii but selling internationally. So her websites are one crucial part of her marketing strategy. This was a shop window to illustrate her talents. In order to go forward we proposed some simple steps as outlined on the next page.
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    Juli Morsella Design Studio

    Step 1 - Identify an image
    The artist in this case produced moderate quality photographs of a range of her works and these were analysed. These her pieces of marquetry made for other projects. For complex reasons in some cases it was not possible to obtain top quality images. Our approach was to maximise and improve on the quality she had with image manipulation. It was critical to be true to the original. The colour was adjusted to give a "true" representation & the perspective & lens distortions were adjusted & the image retouched.

    Step 1 - Identify a setting
    In collaboration with the artist we did an initial sift of possible room settings from stock photos and our own images. Juli selected realistic environments that would be appropriate to her work and her customers. These could be kitchens or interior settings depending upon the application.
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    Juli Morsella Design Studio

    Step 3 - Roughing out
    We roughed out possible kitchens and then short listed the best options.

    Step 4 - Finishing off
    We then worked with the shortlist and the artist to produce marquetry designs superimposed on cabinets with accurate perspective distortion and masking. Multiple designs could be superimposed on the same kitchen allowing a variety of visualisation for architects and interior design consultants.

    Step 5 - Closing out
    The final step is to ensure Juli was happy with the work and to optimize the pieces to suit her needs. You can see some examples of this on Juli Morsella's site.
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    This is a concept piece where the potential of marquetry is explored in terms of the impact on modern design. The marquetry piece on the left had the optical distortions removed, was cutout, light balanced and superimposed into the environment. Juli has worked directly on furniture and you can see more of Juli's stunning art work here.