• Catalogue shots Catalogue shots

    Web catalogue - Catalogue

    The trend for using catalogue shots on the web has grown considerably. This extends beyond dedicated fashion sites & they now appear selling high prestige fashion (net-a-porter for example). The images are typically shown against white as in the case here. To the right you can see a pale garment against a white background. This may not produce the optimum balance but provides site unity if every garment is the same.

    This is probably a trend which will wax and wain in popularity. Whilst a little unimaginative it matches the print format of some magazines & seems highly successful. We are certainly happy to adopt this style for you but can also offer a variety of backgrounds.
  • Catalogue extra Catalogue extra

    Catalogue shots mixed with studio shoots

    The trend for using catalogue shots on high prestige websites often includes a model (sometimes with their face hidden). So there is a mixture between a gentle fashion shot and a catalogue shot. Such a combination appears right.

    They are both typically shown against a white or a bland background, and this is certainly something we can provide for you.

    With a little effort and an eye for colour you can do more. We feel that more style gives the garment a little more glamour and an example of this is shown here. So we have not tried to reproduce the jacket exactly or fully show the line of the dress. But the idea is to give a feel of the colour and contrast of the dress and also give a feel of the garment when worn. The colour for the background splash was selected carefully to match the dress. Whilst this takes a little more effort than the norm we hope you will agree it is more effective.
  • Gabor in New York Gabor in New York

    In window graphics - stand ups

    Another in a series of Gabor advertising. Here is a window examples.

    The concept was set around the shoe boxes. In this case set around New York. Here they act as pseudo sky scrapers. Primarily their purpose is to be eye catching rather than convey any direct association with New York. It is linked to glamour, freedom and the idea "girls just wanna have fun". It is less of a high fashion shoot being more relaxed and with less concentration on the model or even the product. This is more about product awareness, attracting the viewer to the product in a window containing other makes.

    This was composited from images generated by ourselves including those of a classic New York street scene.