• Roberts DAB Radio Roberts DAB Radio

    A cutout for the Roberts DAB radio.

    This was used to represent the portability of the radio, being small it was unusual in having a built in speaker. Intended for print output, the primary target audience was those that would use the radio to follow sporting events. The advert was intended for use by a sports shop although it could equally be used for an electronics retailer.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.
  • iittala Service iittala Service

    A more complex staged advertisement than it first appears, intended for window advertising. The carrier bag (right) was created specifically by us for the advert. A similar design does exist (below) but was felt to be distracting.

    This service was part of a new range by a wonderful graphic designer. The idea was to generate a bright summer/spring like image. And one which would make the customer want to use the service "out the box". The approach was to catch the eye. You will note that with the food there is a rainbow of colours in the image. This prints particularly strongly where near primaries can be used. A number of alternatives to this image were produced.

    All the photography and the final advert was generated by us.

  • DeLonghi Glamour Shot! DeLonghi Glamour Shot!

    A very powerful kettle shot. Intended for print and web promotional material.

    This is an unusual concept using a technique normally applied to jewelry. The image works really well (in our opinion!) and it is a pity that we have never seen this used on any other kitchen appliance. The reflections are natural as this was felt to be in keeping with the concept. There is some challenge in retaining the reflections in a form which will reproduce well. We ended up tinkering with different versions of the output depending upon the media required.

    This was one of a large series of versions, this was deemed the preferred form.

    All photography and advertising material was generated by us.